Sharee Campbell – Evolva Group

A qualified psychologist, Sharee describes herself as a Procrastination Resolutionist.
She is a strong advocate for assisting individuals & organisations in attaining optimal thought patterns to underpin and create advantageous outcomes; personally, professionally, and in the big picture.

As Australia’s most popular “Brain Bootcamp” personality, Sharee provides targeted interventions & workshops in:
building emotional resilience, change management, clarifying personal productivity, conflict resolution skills, creating work/life balance, effective communication, evolving emotional intelligence, resolving procrastination, and stress management.
Having a natural way of translating complex concepts into practical, accessible, and entertaining achievables, Sharee receives rave reviews from the large variety of people she works with: from 5 year old children to CEOs managing hundreds of staff, to the elderly regaining confidence.

In this podcast Sharee offers valuable advice on how to become the boss in your own life and to give yourself permission to take an hour off every day just to procrastinate.

She believes by choosing healthy self-deceptions rather than unhealthy ones, we will with attention and practice, create new neuronal pathways embracing self-belief and even adoration.

And if we treat this life as a dance, and not just hear the music, but feel it, stress will be a distant memory.

Sharee  Campbell
Ph (+61) 450 48 1969
Founder of #BrainBootcamp
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