Living fearlessly is the path to empowerment.

“Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.” ~Marianne Williamson

There are many factors you have inherited from your parents.

From your mum you may have inherited color blindness, male pattern baldness (fortunately, mostly the men only), your academic successes, and even your love of coffee…or not.

Your heart health, the color of your eyes, and even the health of your teeth are the responsibility of your father’s genes.

But it is not just about the physical features that your parents have bestowed upon you.

Like it or not the person you are today, the beliefs you possess, and the actions you take, have a lot to do with your parents and the environment you grew up in as a child.

“I think fearless is having fears but jumping anyway.”

Taylor Swift

You have most likely also inherited your parents’ mannerisms, their mental wellness, their ability to communicate; well or not; their worry habits, the way they handle stress, their beliefs about money, their strengths and their fears as well as the obvious such as their use of language and their accents and so much more.

And of course, you as a parent pass the same on to your children. An interesting concept when you look at it like that, isn’t it?

How you manage fear and the things you are fearful of can be attributed to your parents.

Fortunately, though, it is not a life sentence. When you decide to approach the things, you are fearful of differently; seek advice and support to shift that fear, there is no reason you cannot overcome that which scares you. When you do, you will gain a whole new level of confidence you will not have expected.

Fear is a feeling, not a fact.

You can either spend your life struggling to protect yourself from your fears — which is what most people do unconsciously — or you can take action to step out of the anxieties that confine you and become unstoppable.

People who live fearlessly live positively by contributing to others thus lessening their own fears and by putting their problems into perspective.

They tend to have five defining characteristics:

  1. They let go of hurt and forgive those who have wronged them. If you hold on to anger and hurt you are giving your power away, allowing fear to enter. Let go of the past, forgive others and move on.
  2. They accept themselves and accept the fact they have faults and weaknesses as well. Nobody is perfect and should never expect they can be. Let go of embarrassment and recognise when your inner critic raises its ugly head. Celebrate your strengths and do not compare yourself with others.
  3. They celebrate other’s achievements and do not feel threatened by other’s gains because they possess a strong sense of self-belief. Learn to be happy for others and be glad to be associated with them, because after all, it makes you look good too!
  4. They honour their word by meaning what they say and doing what they say they will. Honouring your word should be at the top of your priorities, because after all, our word is all we have.
  5. They are committed to everything they do. There is a saying “Without commitment you cannot have depth in anything whether it is a relationship, your business or hobby.” A commitment is a promise, a promise to yourself that you will put 100% effort into fulfilling the undertaking.

By adopting these five characteristics, you will reduce your anxieties and raise your level of self-confidence. You will live fearlessly and be empowered.

You can read Being Unstoppable – Remembering When Life Gets Challenging, ‘You’ve Got This” by going to this link and purchasing your copy here.