What exactly is brand authority, and how do you amplify it?

Brand authority refers to the trust a brand has earned among customers, and the degree to which they see your brand as a subject-matter expert.

To establish brand authority you need to have an active online presence, compelling content, and social media engagement.

What I have found when I work with clients is that many don’t know where to start. 

They aren’t 100% sure how to be clear and consistent in their message and don’t know how to create the right content their customers will connect with.

“The power of social media can launch a brand into places one never imagined were possible.”
Germany Kent

 5 Top Tips to amplifying your brand authority:

  1. ☝️ Understand the needs of your clients by conducting insightful industry research.
  2. ☝️ Ensure your content is relevant to your audience.
  3. ☝️ Embrace new technologies.
  4. ☝️ Communicate with your audience regularly.
  5. ☝️ Get comfortable about maintaining, updating, and distributing content online.

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