Selling doesn’t come naturally to most people but is the most vital component of any business. No sales…no business.

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1. Be Clear
Confidence in yourself and in your product should never be underrated when it comes to selling. Often the source of the lack of confidence is confusion over what problems you solve. Get clear about who your target market is and the problems that your products and services solve.

2. Learn How
It seems ridiculous to think that someone would buy a car without first learning to drive. The natural assumption is that you would invest in some lessons. So many people start a business with no background in sales. You can find information on selling by attending courses, reading books, on the net and finding a mentor or coach with someone who is already succeeding. Whatever method you choose, you will increase your confidence when you have mastered the right selling techniques that fit with your value systems.

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3. Practice
Like learning any new skill, selling is a little uncomfortable at first. Most people can remember learning to drive. At first, there is a lot to think about but the more practice you do the more it becomes automatic and you feel in control. The issue with sales is that people who are reluctant to sell shy away and just do not get enough practice. They do not make the mistakes that others make on the road to building up their skill level. You will win some and lose some but with every deal, your ability increases and so does your confidence in being able to sell.

4. Expect Success
It is important to understand the power of the mind and how what we focus on is what we get. If you think about what would happen if you fail rather than succeed it will sap your energy and your confidence. Start to imagine and visualise what success would look like. Set some goals and imagine achieving them and how that would feel.

5. Don’t Take a No Personally
Rejection happens. From a negative comment about your appearance to bigger, deeper life events like not getting that sale you really had your heart set on. Don’t take a no personally, it is just a no. It isn’t that they are saying no to you personally. It is no to your product at the time.

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