Are you making cold-calls or going into a sales conversation with this list of fears that are holding you back from making the sale? Can you relate to any of these fears?

Fear of calling on a new prospect. 
� If you don’t ask, it is already a no.

Fear a customer won’t take your call. 
� The person on the other end of the phone is just like you and if you have planned exactly what you want to get out of the call, it will give you confidence.

Fear that customers are too busy to talk to you. 
� If you know they can benefit from using your service or product, they can’t really afford not to speak with you.  If they are too busy, arrange a more convenient time.

Fear that a customer will be rude to you. 
� In my years of experience this rarely if ever, happens. Usually, it is quite the opposite, the higher up the chain, the nicer they are.  These people know it is often in their best interest to listen to the offer.

Fear that a customer might ask a question to which you don’t know the answer.
� Although as an entrepreneur in your own business it is assumed that you would have a comprehensive knowledge of your offer, it is quite extraordinary for a person to know everything about their product.  Give yourself a break and explain you will get back to them with that answer. (It also provides another touch point with the prospect)

Fear of losing your composure or forgetting important data during the call.  
� Be prepared and mentally present when you are in front of your customer.

Fear that you will blow it and say the wrong thing. 
� Keep this in perspective.  It isn’t life or death.  Is something goes wrong, laugh it off and learn from the encounter to ensure that next time the result will be different.

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Remember your customers have fears as well.  
By developing a more in-depth understanding of what is holding you back from making sales calls, you are well on your way to eliminating fears around selling and reluctance to cold-call.

Best wishes till next time.


Author of “Good Girls do Sell – The Modern Business Woman’s Guide to Authentic Selling”

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