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Public Speaking, Sales, and Brand Authority Coaching for Sole Traders & Small Business Teams

In the competitive world of business, effective communication is key to establishing and maintaining a strong brand authority. Business leaders who can confidently and compellingly convey their ideas, values, and vision can inspire trust, attract customers, and drive growth.

Public speaking and brand authority coaching play a pivotal role in helping business leaders enhance their communication skills, build a compelling sales message and establish a powerful presence in the industry.


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Authority Brand Building Programs for Sole Traders & New Business Owners


Public Speaking and Brand Authority Coaching with Janeen Vosper will get you noticed, get known, and get results. It will open the door to more opportunities.

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Customised Sales Training for Owner Operated Businesses

Optimal Sales Training that is designed for business builders, who want a proven formula to have more people buying. Learn techniques to open doors and close sales.

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 Public Speaker Training for Up-and-Coming Speakers 


Speaker Training to overcome the fear of public speaking and learn the techniques of skilled presenters. Become a sort-after expert and proficient speaker.

Unlock the Power of Your Personal Brand

Make an Impact as a Recognised Leader in Your Industry

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Private Coaching

Conducted online or in-person

Tailored For You

Participate in Private Speaking and Sales Coaching tailored to your specific needs, goals, and skill level.

Private Coaching sessions can be scheduled at convenient times making it easier to fit into your busy life or work schedule.

Personal Attention

In the Private Coaching setting, you have my full attention allowing for in-depth discussion and immediate feedback.


Accountability will be a powerful driving force for growth and improvement.

Private Coaching sessions are confidential and allow for the opportunity to discuss sensitive issues or concerns openly.

Faster Progress

Private coaching leads to faster progress and skill development.

Masterclass Workshops

Conducted online or in-person group

Specialised Knowledge

The Masterclass Workshop provides attendees with access to specialised knowledge and insights that are difficult to acquire through self-study.

Real-World Applications

These sessions involve interactive activities, exercises, and real-world examples participants can apply immediately.

The Masterclass Workshops are well-structured with clear learning objectives.

Valuable Feedback

Participants receive real-time feedback on your performance and progress helping you identify areas for improvement and growth.

Workshop Options

Masterclass Workshops available include Public Speaking, Sales, Creating Presentations, Goal Setting and planning, and Creating a LinkedIn Profile.

Workplace Training

Conducted online or in the workplace

Customised Training

Group Training content can be customised to address specific needs, challenges, and goals of your business, ensuring it is highly relevant and applicable.

Actual Workplace Adaptability

Training conducted on-site allows employees to learn in their actual work environment.

Group Training involves practical, hands-on exercises and simulations that mimic real workplace scenarios promoting active learning and skill development.

Team Building

Group Training is an opportunity for team building and collaboration strengthening team dynamics.

Immediate Feedback

Group Training allows for open and direct communication between participants and the trainer. Participants can ask questions, seek clarification, and engage in discussions more easily.

Janeen Vosper collecting an award for Logan small business of the year business to business catagory 2023
a gold and black banner image with the words winner Business to Bussiness (small) Speech Perfect Sponsored by Mortorama Springwood. 2023 Business Districntion Awards

Hi, I’m Janeen Vosper.

Having taken the bold move to step into my own business in 2007 after achieving multi-million dollar results for other people, I now assist small business owners achieve building the business and life of their dreams.

I am an Author of two books, ‘Good Girls do Sell’ and Being Unstoppable’, a Conference Speaker, Personal Branding Authority Coach, Sales Trainer, and a Public Speaking Coach with over three decades of experience providing business leaders with the know-how to get noticed as an industry expert.

My Vision is to create a world where business owners and entrepreneurs have outrageous success.

Winning the 2023 Logan Chamber of Commerce Business to Business Award for a Small Business was a moment I will always remember as it demonstrated a culmination of years of dedication in helping my teams, my customers, and my clients achieve what they didn’t believe was possible.

If you are struggling with the confidence to step up as the brand of your business, or you are reluctant to make sales calls, I encourage you to get in touch with me to discover how I can assist you and your team to achieve the results you imagine your business can be.

Bx award finalist certificate for Janeen Vosper
Wording Finalist Bx Business Distinction Awards - Janeen Vosper Speech Perfect 2022
Janeen's book - Good Girls do Sell, The Modern Business Woman's Guide to Authentic Selling. An image of a woman in a red cloak

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Our mission is to support business owners and professionals to do what they didn’t believe was possible so that we can support our designated charities, Safe Haven Communities, Destiny Rescue, The Salvation Army, Medecins San Frontieres, World Vision, The Smith Family, and Care Flight.

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