Sashua Benay
Transformation Coach and Intuitive Mentor, Sashua Benay has a mission to inspire and empower others to find the truth and path to happiness through living consciously.

She believes women are the future of leadership and business.

In this episode, she explains that because women are more attuned with their intuition, it is the biggest game-changer in business today.

Having had over 22,000+ conversations in her career on intuition, mindset, health & wellbeing, Sashua understands the key elements that hold many women back.

Listen and learn how to overcome issues of self-doubt, negative self-talk, feeling unempowered, and anxiety & depression. 

Discover how to be even more resilient, resourceful, strategic, and creative in 2021.

Sashua shares the four key elements to living a life you love.

Coaching Program How to Create an Inspired Life.

Free Webinar on that with powerful tips and techniques.

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