Seven Steps to Achieve Your BHAG!

Seven Steps to Achieve Your BHAG!

What steps do you need to take to achieve your BGAG? It has certainly been an interesting week. For instance, I participated in a public speaking club meeting that was hosted by English-speaking Japanese POWERtalk friends. My task at the meeting was to deliver a...

How to Pitch for Profit

How to Pitch for Profit Knowing how to pitch for profit is a critical aspect of generating sales in every business. Something I get asked very regularly is how to construct and deliver a really effective business pitch...

The Do & Do Not of Public Speaking

The Do & Do Not of Public Speaking

When speaking in public there are techniques you should definitely adapt to and others you should never do. Read to learn how you can improve your public speaking skills. I have been a member of a not-for-profit public speaking organisation for nearly 20 years now. ...

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