What difference should it make to your business whether you are happy or not?


I regularly see people in my coaching practice who are miserable and don’t know how to find happiness.

Many are looking forward at a time in the future they will be happy.  When they make the next sale – when they make a million dollars – when they retire.

As I work with these people they soon realise they don’t have to wait to be happy…they can actually be happy for no reason if they choose.

To be happy for no reason, I’ve learnt to…

  • Disregard the all or nothing thinking
  • Focus my light on the positive things in life
  • Eliminate the SHOULD statements

Did you know the vast majority of your thoughts are pure nonsense? You may be dwelling in a past that can’t be changed or obsessing about mistakes you haven’t made yet?  Constantly drifting into fantasy and negativity.

Author and sales coach, Tom Hopkins declared. “Being miserable is a habit; being happy is a habit; the choice is yours.”

So what are you choosing on a daily basis?


  1. To be optimistic
  2. To be yourself
  3. To smile

Best wishes till next time.


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