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PowerPoint Presentations FOR STAGE OR WEBINAR

In this workshop, you will not only learn the ‘how to’… you will actually get to do it.

So bring your computer.

Once you know these 5 simple steps to create a winning presentation, you won’t be lost for an idea again.

Delve into what type of presentation will work best to get your message across and create it on the day.

Learn how to weave a story that engages while educating.

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If you ever wondered what is the best template to use, when to use animations and how to use images that tell your story rather than distract…this is the workshop for you.

This is what Jane Halliday and Raelene Jury from the Sunshine Coast had to say about this workshop..”We found Janeen’s workshop was EXACTLY what we needed. Her many practical techniques opened our minds to a more professional and creative approach, enabling us to achieve our personal objectives with practice. Learning the Psychology behind the structure of a presentation and Janeen’s expertise has enhanced the quality of our presentation,… which resulted in us tripling our volume to achieve a 25k rank in only 6 months. We receive very positive feedback from our attendees and with great pleasure, we are highly recommending Janeen’s workshops to anyone wanting to expand in both public speaking and business.”

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to…

1. Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentations. 2. Create high-quality presentations with stunning graphics. 3. Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations. 4. Organize and print your slides more effectively. 5. Use a simple formula to create amazing PowerPoint over and over again

Stand out as a Professional with PowerPoint Presentations that will have people taking action immediately.

1-Day PowerPoint Presentation Masterclass $597

Next Masterclass is October 30, 2020

Strictly Limited to 4 persons

Public Courses and Corporate Training Programs Available

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Karen from a major international charity organisation was given a company PowerPoint to present to prospective corporates for fundraising investment.

It was boring, it didn’t show what was in it for the corporate investors, and there were way too many slides.

When Karen applied the 5-Step Formula, she produced a PowerPoint presentation that created phenomenal buy-in from major corporates.

It was all about knowing how to tell the story.