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PowerPoint Presentations FOR STAGE OR WEBINAR

1-Day Step-by-Step Masterclass to Create a Dynamic Webinar/Stage Presentation that will WOW Your Audience and have them taking action to buy your product or services.



If you really want to get off the treadmill of speaking 1-to-1 and start speaking 1-to-many meaning you can make a greater impact and reach more prospects, this Masterclass is a must.

When you know how to construct the right PowerPoint Presentation, your future speeches are guaranteed to WOW Audiences!

an image of Janeen Vosper, speaker and brand authority coach presenting and speaking to a large audience of women at the one woman summit on how to have balance in your life.

100% 5-Star Reviews Tell the Story!

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Learn the technique to weave a story that engages you while educating in your presentation. Whether in-person in front of an audience or virtually in a webinar.

The right webinar presentation can be a powerful asset in your marketing toolkit.

More than half of B2B marketers report webinars are a successful lead generation tactic. If you haven’t learned how to make a webinar presentation—now is the time.

When you know how to create a dynamic presentation and deliver it well, you will be sort after as a business/conference/motivational speaker.

Raising your profile as an authority in your subject matter.

Click today and discover presenting techniques to take your business to a whole new level.

In this practical workshop, you will learn how to…

  1. Bring more energy and visual impact to your presentations.
  2. Create high-quality presentations with stunning graphics. 
  3. Captivate your audience with new transitions and improved animations. 
  4. Organize and print your slides more effectively. 
  5. Use a simple formula to create amazing PowerPoint over and over again and will have prospects taking action every time.

Stand out as a Professional with PowerPoint Presentations that will have people taking action immediately.


2023 Training Dates – Join In-person or Online:

May 18, July 25, and November 14.

When you know how to craft a dynamic presentation you will:

Reach a Wider Audience

Build a More Sustainable Business

Add Variety to Your Content Strategy

Increase Your Brand Awareness & Authority

Develop a Targeted Approach to Finding Customers

Build Trust & Nurture Your Audience

Public and Corporate

Professional Development

Training Workshops Available

Email janeen@janeenvosper.com for more information on arranging a Training Session for your Organisation.

How Karen improved her presentation…

Karen from a major international charity organisation was given a company PowerPoint to present to prospective corporates for fundraising investment.

It was boring, it didn’t show what was in it for the corporate investors, and there were way too many slides.

When Karen applied the 5-Step Formula, she produced a PowerPoint presentation that created phenomenal buy-in from major corporates.

It was all about knowing how to tell the story to get the buy-in.


Helen discovered she had been doing it all wrong and had been wasting a lot of time and effort.

She didn’t know.

She now has a structure, a step-by-step formula to follow to create her webinars.

She knows what she is going to be doing!