When you think a dream is impossible shift it to believe I’Mpossible instead and know anything you can dream can be possible.

I got to be on the other side of the microphone when interviewed on the Profit2Cash Podcast with Phoebe Dray.

In this episode, I share my story from the corporate world to a successful entrepreneur.

Make sure you listen in and take note of my top 3 tips to take action to achieve your I’Mpossible goals.

I share many golden nuggets to help you create winning results, don’t miss this episode.

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Smart people prepare things well in advance and that way they outperform those with little preparation.  Ultimately they accomplish the job in less time and with less stress.

Preparation can make the difference between being productive and just wasting time.

The better you prepare…the more chance to overcome the impossible and create I’Mpossible instead.

Preparation helps you find if something is worth doing.  It is wise to check first if an activity or a project is the best use of your time and resources. Whether it is the best use of your resources.

Preparation helps you find more efficient methods to do things. Those with no preparation will use the method they are familiar with instead of researching others that might just be more efficient.

And importantly…preparations make you ready when opportunity appears.  Keep building your skills and knowledge, keep learning, keep growing and be open to any opportunity that comes your way.

As Oprah believes – “luck is preparation meeting opportunity. If you aren’t prepared when the opportunity came along, you won’t be lucky.”

There is a danger though: you could be over-prepared. Being over-prepared is dangerous because you may then take action way too late or never take action at all. Even worse, some people use preparation as an excuse not to take action. Don’t let this happen to you. Do only the preparation that significantly contributes to your project and your personal growth. Prepare well but don’t over-prepare.

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