Direct Sales Mastery On-Line Training Program

tOTAL vALUE $5446

pAY JUST $497 

lThe Direct Sales Mastery Program is a Step-by-Step system of seven modules to assist you in building a thriving business sooner because you are making more sales.

Janeen Vosper will lead you through the proven techniques that work time and time again.  Techniques you will be able to implement immediately to double or even triple your success in making sales in any business.

By the end of the program, you will walk away with the tools to handle any tricky conversation and have full confidence in your ability to close a sale.

In this 7 Module program you will:

  1. Gain the tools to build reserves to ensure you remain committed to your goals
  2. Learn how to unblock beliefs that are holding you back from the success you desire
  3. Discover know how to stand out from the crowd by crafting your unique message
  4. Learn how to confidently get your message across
  5. Be shown how to deliver a message that shifts the focus from pushing a sale to have people buying instead
  6. Understand how to create a consistent brand that communicates your authenticity
  7. Learn the techniques to successfully close a sale

The Direct Sales Mastery Program is valued at $5446 and is a priceless addition to the success of direct selling in your business, yet it only costs $497.




The Accelerated Success Mastermind Program is a Step-by-Step system of 5 Modules that provides you with the tools to possess the confidence and business know-how to launch you to the next level.


Your Modules:

  • Loosen Up For Better Results – learn how to find balance and calm when dealing with the daily pressures of business and life 
  • Create Fast and Lasting Change – learn how to stay motivated and make the best choices to more your business forward
  • Step up and Step Out – learn how to not listen to your inner critic and find your confident stage voice
  • Selling with Service – learn how to remove negativity around selling and build a customer base of raving fans
  • Design your Destiny – learn how to put the steps in place to achieve the life of your dreams
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