Marina J’s motto is that you’re built to heal; because you’re built to live that life that’s waiting for you!  When Marina become a single mum in 2001 her light went out.  She couldn’t find anyone to teach her; not just how to turn her life around, but actually how to flourish.  So she made a decision: She would do it. She put herself on her own program and within 6 months her life turned around in a BIG way and her light turned back ON.

Marina had what those around her didn’t: A system that took her out of her old life and into the new.  Since then she’s become a #1 best-selling author, a speaker and a life coach – because your happiness is everything!

Marina has been interviewed by Channel 9’s breakfast show, ABC radio, Fox Sports Radio, 2GB radio, Body + Soul, Better Health and Gardens, and more.

In this podcast Marina explains why if you haven’t overcome a persistent problem in your life there’s nothing wrong with you.  You just haven’t healed “it” at its deepest level and you haven’t found your right way to heal yet, that’s all this ever this.

Discover the art of self-healing and learn why you “weren’t made wrong”.

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