Do you find your mind is full of clutter that isn’t important and holds you back from taking the next step because you are second-guessing yourself?

Do you ever get angry and frustrated with yourself because you are always overthinking everything?

Rationally you know should trust yourself but just can’t stop second-guessing your ideas

Well…you aren’t alone. 

In general, 53 percent of people say they tend to second-guess their decisions.


It has been proven that people who second-guess themselves make the worse decisions.

“Trust your gut.”

It’s something we’ve all heard (and probably even expressed at one time or another), an exhortation to not overthink decisions in realms as diverse as business, sports, dating, etc… 

But is it actually good advice?

Learn techniques to stop second-guessing yourself and clear your mind of clutter.

In a paper published in the Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, a trio of British economists applied some brainpower to the question of gut feelings and found that people who second-guess themselves make considerably worse decisions than those who stick with instinct. 

Mental clutter refers to times when our mind has too many thoughts which makes it difficult to process and focus. A cluttered mind is disrupting and it hinders our productivity, balance, and even our mental health

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