Leading Naturopath and Menopause Coach, Angela Counsel guides women to embrace the changes that are happening to their bodies as they move through their menopause transition. 

Angela believes women are not meant to suffer in menopause and is on a mission to spread the word that it is possible to thrive in menopause and this can be a time of stepping into your wisdom and falling in love with yourself and your life. 

Angela has been featured in several magazines, television, and radio programs including PreventionGood HealthChannel 9’s The Morning Show and Channel 10’s The Project, 2UE & 3AW Radio, Nature Spirit Speaks, Casey Radio 97.3, and many other podcasts and radio shows.

Author of an Amazon bestseller, Secret Mums Business, over the past few years she has shifted her focus to supporting women as they move through menopause.

In this episode, Angela explains that most women do not understand how their hormones work and have been told by various sources, that menopause will be a struggle and they simply must “suck it up and get on with life”. 

And that it is common for many women to feel lost and alone as their body starts to change.   Angela shares methods to move through this time of life without having to take hormones or other drugs by focusing primarily on diet and lifestyle changes. Remember Menopause is a natural life transition, not a disease or illness that needs to be treated. 

Download Angela’s free ebook called Understanding Menopause, the link for this is http://bit.ly/menopause_ebook 

You can contact and follow Angela on these platforms.Website – www.angelacounsel.com

Facebook – @angelacounselInstagram – @angelacounselLinkedIn – @angelacounselEmail – angela@angelacounsel.com

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