Are you feeling as if life is out of control?

Listen to this episode of the We Are Women Podcast and learn how to take back your life Anne McKeown.

Highly regarded Mindset Coach and the founder of, Anne McKeown, specialises in empowering women to reignite the spark in their life and work shifting the psychological barriers that hold them back.  

She believes every woman has everything she needs within her to be successful and happy. 

We just all need someone to guide us, walk alongside us, encourage us, and believe in us.  

Having reached a low in her own life when she turned 50 – menopause – kids moving on, she wondered what’s my life all about?

Anne felt she was too young to retire. She had no skills, technology had moved on, fear and doubt, and felt a lack of direction. She went to see a coach and the rest is history! 

Now she helps other women do the same. In this episode, Anne explains the No.1 biggest thing stopping women, is their self-belief, and by using NLP techniques to reset thinking, awareness around communication every woman can end the failure cycle and find themselves. When women stop trying to do it all alone and seeing asking for help a weakness, you will flourish.

Discover how to write a new story and a new script to create a life of purpose. Download a free copy of Anne’s book, ‘Take Back Control of Your Life Now’.  

Contact details: 0449571974 anne@2mpower.co

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