Marketing expert and copywriter, Leanne Shelton shares the number 1 most effective marketing strategy in this episode of the We Are Women Podcast

With over 15 years of writing and editorial experience, Leanne Shelton, founder of Write Time Marketing is much more than a freelance copywriter in 2014.  

She provides content marketing strategies and training on topics like business blogging, podcasting, webinars, email marketing, LinkedIn, and more.  

In this episode, Leanne explains how to avoid falling into the trap of working in your business instead of on it.  She shares insight into why people focus on overwhelm or lack of time or knowledge when it comes to avoiding marketing. 

She provides women with the headspace to think about their marketing and the possibilities of reaching out to their ideal clients, sharing her number one tip to effective marketing. 

Leanne provides ideas on how to allocate time for marketing each week and how to ensure you are using the right channels and applying the number 1 marketing strategy. 

This is a must-listen for any person who is not getting traction on their marketing. 

Connect with Leanne on LinkedIn or send her an email if you need help with your content marketing strategy or copywriting needs. 

Contact details: 861 685

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