Moana Robinson of Be Styled For Life (Formally Beauty Glow) is certain that if you look good…you feel good and if you feel good…you look good.  She assists women in illustrating their inner beauty by stepping out of the shadows and finding their true colours since the person inside may not get noticed if the clothes and look is wrong.

Moana believes there is so much more to image consulting than just how you look.  It is about confidence and being the best that you can be.

She does what she does because she knows there are a lot of women out there in particular who feel invisible and somewhat “lost”.  They may be women in their 30s or 40s and have raised a family and/or spent many years looking after others and have put themselves on the backburner. To reach their full potential women need to believe in themselves, have confidence in themselves and be the best they can be.  Moana helps women find their true colours and shine with confidence in their own unique style.

Many of her clients find that they are unsure of what colours suit them and what style of clothing works best for their body shape and size.

“Many women are busy and opt for something quick and easy when it comes to clothing.  It may be something practical but not necessarily something that makes them feel good or look good.  Feeling good is something that should be a top priority as women need to feel comfortable both in a physical sense and also comfortable that the clothing they wear fits their lifestyle and personality,” explains Moana.

At a style consultation she works through an assessment to discover a clients values, lifestyle and personality, giving her clients the tools to look and feel their absolute best. In this podcast interview with Moana you will learn styling tips that are quick, easy and will work for you.

About Moana…

B Styled For Life is a Brisbane based business owned by Moana Robinson Personal Stylist, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach.

B Styled for Life was born out of a desire to create a wholistic and personal service to people who wish to reach their full potential. Moana provides a safe, friendly and professional space for clients and offers an introductory session to discover how Personal B Styled Services can benefit you.  Email Moana at