Are you being ‘authentically you’ when you are marketing? Listen to discover how to create a brand voice that is you.

Gemma Lumicisi

Founder of Contently Driven, copywriter, and life coach, Gemma Lumicisi teaches people how to write copy that sounds like them.

To be themselves in the marketing, stop hiding behind their words, and create a life and business they love. 

She believes women are often afraid to be themselves and think they should live to set pre-conceived norms that mostly don’t feel right.  

As a child, Gemma lost sleep as she had many questions that no one could provide answers. Feeling there was something wrong with her and she was different from everyone else.

Gemma has spent her life chasing goals in her life because people told her she couldn’t do them, finally learning how to transition her fearlessness in some parts of her life to her belief in her ability to create a successful business. 

In this episode, Gemma explains the importance of creating a unique and authentic brand voice that sets people ahead of their competitors.

She shares methods that help her clients overcome their fear to truly be themselves and avoid thinking they ‘should’ be doing something in a particular way.  

Listen to discover how to stand out in a crowded market, be unique, be authentic, and possess a real point of difference. 

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