Discover how to rewrite the script of your life by choosing words that come from a heart space.

Carmel Catanuto

Carmel Catanuto is a passionate counsellor and art therapist who works with the heart providing practical and creative strategies for heart-sick career women who want to change. 

She helps her clients move from restriction and feeling stuck to re-discovering freedom, spontaneity, choice, and most of all creativity and their aliveness.

She believes that intergenerational trauma can heal if we do our work and show our children how to do it, this has a profound ripple effect in families, community, and the wider world to healing the pain that the planet is experiencing overconsumption. 

Carmel loves it when the clients she works with don’t return because they are far stronger, resilient, and deeply connected to themselves like never before.

In this episode, Carmel talks about why many women in business struggle with their sense of self at a deeper level, mostly because they do not know themselves. She explains it is about core beliefs.

Deep beliefs about themselves and a false identity.

Carmel shares strategies you can implement to challenge these core beliefs that are false and not who you really are.

If you are feeling you have lost yourself and are struggling to maintain healthy boundaries, this is a must-listen.

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