Discover how ‘Soul Modes” helps women understand how they can be THE best version of themselves, happier, more content, more confident, and driven. This spills over to your parenting, your relationships, and your professional life.

Allison Maree Ockenden

Allison Maree Ockenden is an entrepreneur and leader in women’s empowerment. She started her award-winning business, “Today Tomorrow & Always” in 2016 and has been recognised in local, state, and national awards for her powerful work with people. 

One of only 35 Certified “Soul Modes” mentors in the world, Allison’s goal is to help those who need a hand to hold as they get on their feet and begin to see the light through the darkness.

In this episode, Allison bears her heart with the story of how she lost her son to drugs and his journey back to his family by incorporating the “Soul Modes” process.

But it isn’t just for personal benefit, she explains when it comes to business, specifically women in business, using the “Soul Modes” framework can increase productivity.

Knowing what mode, you’re in and how it feels for you means you can do certain tasks in certain modes that will “fill your cup” and make doing the task feels good.

It will give a sense of accomplishment even on the days you’d rather be home in bed with Netflix.

You will be amazed at how easy this framework is to understand. It is easily relatable and life-changing. It doesn’t take nor need years to master.

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