Humble Leaders shares the stories of 12 inspiring women from diverse backgrounds and tells how they overcame challenges to persist and thrive in business.

The booked has already gained recognition and respect from many powerhouse leaders, including the Chair of Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust, Lady Mayoress Nina Schinner who said: “In a sea of life advice novels available at our fingertips, this book stands out like a lighthouse beacon to help us navigate life’s tricky bits.”

Former CEO of Women’s Network Australia, Janelle Bostock said: “For women in business, struggles come thick and fast, and HumbleLeaders is filled with insights, personal anecdotes, humor, and sage advice, delivered in a way that feels like you are conversing with a friend. 

“It teaches us to be a little kinder to ourselves.

Resolve today that you are going to spend more time working on the areas that do make a difference… and spend less time on those that fall short.
“No matter where your career path lies, you are certain to find comfort and inspiration in this book in hearing the raw struggles, roadblocks, and shortfalls that accompany success.’’
Contributors include:
As you read this, you already know the caliber of the amazing women who make up the Women’s Network of Australia. And, the invaluable insights, wisdom, and tips they bring to the wider WNA community.

We felt that it was time to share the stories of some of these amazing leaders in our network in more detail with you and we are blown away by what an amazing collection of stories we were able to bring together in this very first inaugural WNA book, aptly called ‘Humble Leaders’ – a book like no other. 

‘If ever there was the perfect gift to empower others – this would be it.’

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