Discover How to Be Healthy Naturally in this episode of the We Are Women Podcast

Naturopath and Kinesiologist, Madonna Guy explains why it is critical to look for natural health alternatives instead of automatically reaching out to big pharma and doctors. You will learn heaps.

Madonna Guy
Since 1995, Madonna Guy has worked extensively as a naturopath, kinesiologist, and business owner in her own business, New Leaf Natural Therapies. For over 12 years Madonna ran several large clinics and enjoyed working with a wide variety of natural health practitioners. 

Madonna’s YouTube channel, New Leaf Health Team has over 15,200 subscribers and more than 5 million views. On the channel she discusses health issues, and also runs regular energetic pick-me-up balances to raise our vibration and help us stay grounded. 
Her passion has drawn her into many areas of training and expertise on all levels: mental, spiritual, physical, and biochemical.

Whatever your health challenge, Madonna will have solutions for you! 

For over a decade, Madonna had regular health-related call-in radio programs on 4BC, and Bay FM. Madonna’s extensive experience has given her a unique perspective on underlying causes of disease, detoxification methods, and the ability to heal given the opportunity, where general medical doctors have failed. 

Madonna Guy has been an experienced kinesiology trainer for over 15 years. It is one of her greatest passions in life as it allows others to learn techniques that can help their family and friends heal in a safe, open, and balanced way.

The passion Madonna shares in her training allows students to love kinesiology as much as she does. 

In this episode, Madonna shares what started her on her road of discovery in Naturopathy and Kinesiology.  She explains the more she delved into the history of big pharma / big tech / big medicine the more she realised how important it is that we seek ways of preventing illness.

We talk about why the government and big pharma work against natural therapies. Regardless of how many studies are produced proving the efficacy of natural therapies and are considered quack science even though it has been practiced and proven for thousands of years. Natural Therapies have an extensive amount of real science behind them.

There are some amazing techniques, products & tools to help us heal with over 25 years of hands-on experience in helping people heal. Madonna has been very successful in finding underlying causes and working out healing processes for her clients.

Importantly, how to be healthy naturally.

Employing many methods live blood screenings – Bioimpedance screenings for metabolic problems – AO Scans – Bioresonance screening for whole-body assessment – Microcurrent Treatments for changing the dynamics of the way our body heals – OligoScan heavy metals and mineral levels, you will be opened to new ways of thinking about your health.

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