Learn how to ‘Set Out of the Shadows’ with Mass Publicity. ‘Media Queen’ Aldwyn Altuney shares her secrets to be seen and heard in this episode of the We Are Women Podcast.

Aldwyn Altuney

Aldwyn Altuney is a mass media marketing expert.  

Known as the ‘Media Queen’, she is a TV host, speaker, photojournalist, and author of multiple international best-selling books.  

With 38 years of media experience, her PR company, AA Xpose Media, is the only one she knows of that guarantees results in the mainstream media. 

Along with her media marketing business, Aldwyn is passionate about inspiring more truth & good news in the world. The purpose is to help decrease depression and suicide rates and lift the energy on the planet. 

In 2018, she founded the Mass Media Tribe Meetup group and a global Good News Day, which is run annually on August 8 to do just that. 

Step out of the Shadows

In this episode of the We Are Women Podcast, Aldwyn explains that even though many women have great products, services, and messages, not enough people know about them.  

She provides tips to help them be seen, heard, and known with free publicity in online and offline media.

To build their fame, fortune, freedom, and help them leave a legacy.  

Aldwyn shares some of her three steps to gaining free positive publicity with your product, how you publish (and pitch), and how to make sure it is profitable. 

AA Xpose Media

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  • LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/aldwyn/
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