Integrative and anti-aging specialist, Dr. Rahi, explains how active participation in your own wellness is the way to ultimate health

Episode 129 Dr. Rahi

Owner of two medical clinics in Beverly Hills and New York City, Dr. Rahi has changed the lives both physically and emotionally of hundreds of patients.

She is a known name in the field of aesthetics, integrative and anti-aging medicine. Her experience and the number of successful cases precede her image.

She has the reputation of an innovator whose mission is to build perfect solutions that carry both cosmetic rejuvenation and inner health. In this episode.

Dr. Rahi explains why it is most important to not focus on reversing disease but instead preventing it.

She talks about why she changed her specialty to Integrative Medicine when she saw was not getting better and how they would come back with the same issues or even worse issues. Dr. Rahi provides three top tips on how to live well, avoid depression, and build a healthy immune system.

This is a must-listen.

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