What if everything you ever believed is wrong? And that everything is happening for you, not to you? Would you experience life differently?

Listen to Elle Nagy for more explanation.

Elle is a Self-Leadership Expert who specializes in supporting pioneering business leaders to remember and reclaim who they truly are. So, they can turn their hidden fears into power. They can create iconic legacies, and experience unbridled satisfaction.  

She has discovered that behind fear lies freedom, and within tribal fear lies power. 

Elle believes we are truly magnificence in human form.

Consciousness evolving through our human experience.  

This is why everything happens for our growth, we can’t get it wrong, and as long as we’re not dead, we’re not yet done.  

In this episode, Elle explains that when you reach a point of having ticked all the societal boxes.

Having achieved all the accolades, having proven anything is possible, and you lie sobbing in a field because you are so miserable, you finally start questioning EVERYTHING.  

She found by questioning everything taught her that time is created in tribal consciousness. Which says we’re not enough, we need to conform to belong, and our desires are not sacred. And we don’t know.  

Now Elle supports others who are questioning to find their way back to Self. Helping them to create a legacy and a life they love and are truly proud of. 

Listen to Elle to first ask who is that you desire to be and why everything is happening FOR you…not to you. 

What if everything you believe is wrong? 

Discover how you might approach a different level of consciousness to choose a higher frequency to eliminate the struggle. 

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