Shine the light on Digital Accessibility

Losing her sight inspired Narelle Gatti to ensure all people with disabilities can communicate with the world. This is a must-listen podcast.

Narelle Gatti
Narelle Gatti is blind.

That is not something she allows to define her.

She lives an inspiring life assisting those around her to consider ways to communicate effectively with people with disabilities.

She is part of a group that educates people about accessibility and how to be digitally friendly. 

They are auditors, business consultants, developers, a micro behavioural neuroscientist, and linguist. 

Narelle and her team believe everyone deserves to have access to information no matter what the disability.

In this podcast, Narelle explains why it is so critical to consider other people’s communication needs and shines the light on digital accessibility.

Digital accessibility is all about communication. Every person has a primary communication method, and we should never make assumptions.

Narelle provides tips you can apply to your digital space that will assist people with disabilities to connect with you.

Becoming totally visually impaired meant that Narelle’s life dream changed. 

Learn more about what you need to adjust in your communication methods for people with disabilities.

I guarantee you will be surprised.

Digital Access Solutions and Assistive Technology
Narelle Gatti
Ph: 0427100383

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