Discover why you are enough because you reclaim your personal power by driving positive thoughts

Melanie Greenhalgh is a mother, community worker, entrepreneur, public speaker, and Amazon best-selling author.

Not afraid to speak on the issues that are taboo, confronting, and uncomfortable she speaks on issues of loss, grief, mental health and wellbeing, the growth that follows struggle, and how we can find our way back from surviving to thriving.

Melanie is the real deal after surviving her very own ‘Decade of Disaster.’

Her speaking and media appearances include her signature TEDx talk – Let’s Rethink our Approach to Grief and Loss.

Melanie believes that women deserve to learn the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment so they can leverage their emotional brain.

Doing so reclaiming personal power and confidence begins by revealing what is driving our thoughts, feelings, and actions (or inaction).

In this episode learn ways Melanie guides women to create a personal prescription for themselves to leave behind shame, blame, and guilt so they can develop a more caring, compassionate, and calm relationship with themselves.

Discover why you are enough.

Instead of consistently being trapped in cycles of blame, shame, and guilt and berating ourselves about all the things we should have done, we can have very critical conversations with ourselves

Helping transform towards what we really want in life is only possible when we understand the anatomy of our emotions because everything starts with our brain.

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