How to have a brand that stands out and be brave, bold, and seen as an expert in your field.

Kate Smith creates visuals for businesses that showcase their unique offering and resonate with their ideal customers.

Kate is a lover of visual problem-solving.

Her goal is to take on new challenges, leveraging her skill set at creative, people-driven companies dedicated to excellent outcomes for their stakeholders. 

When I was in primary school, I won an award for art and a teacher said to me, “your creativity is a gift, make sure you use it to make others happy.” 

Now she does that for a living, and this makes her incredibly happy. 

Kate believes happiness is created through experiences and for this reason she supports service and experience-based businesses. 

Along with branding ideas, in this episode, Kate talks about her personal experience that our own limiting beliefs are what cause us the most trouble. 

Why do we need to get clear on what they are and be aware of when we’re experiencing them, know that our perception is not necessarily reality, and give ourselves permission to change or dispel these beliefs? 

Be Brave, Be Bold, Be Seen

An exercise she suggests is to ask yourself these questions:

  • Why am I finding this task so difficult/painful? 
  • What are my actual fears around this? 
  • What is that belief underneath this particular situation? 
  • What evidence do I have that is true? 
  • Does this thought serve me? 
  • What is a better thought I could try?
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