Discover the importance of and how to build a successful business with female friends.

Carolina Montanez is the National Sales Manager for the Australian-owned & operated international freight forwarder, Plane 2 Sea International.

A proudly, all-female-founded business.

Carolina initially came to Australia to complete her Master of Business in International Marketing at UTS and met her now best friends and family at a previous job.

You will love her story of four friends who are the four pillars of the company.

Caroline believes in women and women in business.

The success of her business is testimony to that.

In this episode, Caroline talks about the conflict between work and motherhood and the hard decisions women must make in business.

She shares her insights into family commitment, surrounding yourself with positive people, and why you should never say no before exploring all options.

Learn why your network is the best base for your success.

This is her story of female friends and business success.

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