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Find your marketing voice and put yourself out there to step into your true purpose.

Lucia Peters assists business owners to increase their confidence in how they share their message and business profile by using Social Media.

Facebook is the platform of choice where she teaches and shares systems that can make the difference between hustle & happiness.

For the past 25 years, Lucia has been an advocate and has empowered business owners using mindset, marketing, and brand style.

Taking them away from the excuses and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back and enabling them to find their marketing voice. 

In this episode, Lucia shares how messaging of you and your brand requires congruency and cohesion.

Ensuring clients receive your message as clear and precise.

Explaining how not to waste time on the wrong marketing, and go from unseen to unstoppable.

She teaches business owners how to use Facebook real estate, build their businesses, grow a community, and attract clients now.

Lucia’s aim is to help clients grow and follow the process and strategies that have helped business owners to step out of the shadows and get seen as the leaders they are.

She believes most women in business, particularly on social media are still invisible.

Teaching how to use these tools as a second language.

Eliminating the fear and developing confidence in what they are capable of by loving themselves, taking action, and networking.

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