By understanding how you identify yourself regarding money, you will learn how to use money as the tool it is meant to be.

Alpha Schulte has over 20 years of experience in the accounting and finance industries. 

Starting out as a corporate tax accountant, Alpha soon realised she had more of a passion for personal finance and studied a Diploma of Financial Planning. 

Now Alpha helps women business owners understand their values.

To shift limiting beliefs and habits around money, and how to build wealth for the lifestyle they choose.

Alpha believes every woman has the capacity to understand money and to build wealth.

In this episode, Alpha talks about how we have never been taught about money.

She explains why that has led to so many blocks that women have around making money, investing it, and even talking about it. 

She wants to help break this down and help women realise that money is something we all need to learn – it isn’t just something we “know”.

Alpha asks you to consider, “Who do you identify as when it comes to money, saving it, and spending it?”.

She explains how money should be a tool not a challenge. 

Why do women, generally speaking, undervalue what they do? 

How do you use money as a tool?

Like many women in business, you likely have something that comes naturally or you are good at in particular, and have the desire to help. 

Earning money for this as a businesswoman can often be fraught with “imposter syndrome”, self-doubt, and constantly needing to have all the answers before taking action. 

Learn why money is often split into either mindset or the knowledge of how to manage money.

She explains how these two are inextricably linked.

A must-watch and listen.

Three key points:

  • 1) Mindset is key; 
  • 2) Understand what life you want and why; 
  • 3) Be clear on the small steps you need to take.

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