How can you build more resilience skills?

It is normal and okay to feel stress and depleting emotions, but Natalie Stockdale explains why you can’t let them stick to you.

Why you can’t get stuck in the abyss and instead learn how to rise to empower yourself with resilience tools you need to draw upon?

Natalie Stockdale’s life has stretched, from being an outback teacher, governess, and grazier on sheep and cattle stations around Longreach, Queensland, to sailing with whales and dolphins in her ecotourism business, and international work as a Humane Educator, promoting kindness to all life on earth. 

In 2009, however, Natalie’s world fell apart through divorce. Eighteen months later, she contracted cancer. After surviving cancer and eventually waking up to the importance of resilience for our mind AND body, she resigned from her job as CEO of the Jane Goodall Institute Australia and dived into the study of Mind Body Medicine and Stress Management. 

On a mission to make happier, resilient people, Natalie is now a Resilience Coach for individuals, organisations, and communities.

Natalie believes that hardships are an inevitable and essential part of life experiences that shape our character and enrich our lives.

How we handle our hardships is a choice.

Happiness is a choice.

Building resilience skills through proven methods is the answer.

The author of two books, that explore the keys to human resilience through personal stories, Natalie has distilled a list of 25 tools that help people to recover from trauma.

In this episode, Natalie talks about how resilient people use a variety of inner and external resources to help them recover. 

How she has noticed particular character virtues that are common. Virtues like courage, kindness, flexibility (adapting to changes), optimism, authenticity, purposefulness, and gratitude. And how resilient people have in common is their determination to never, ever give up. They make a choice to not be a victim, but instead to rise and recover, regardless of the circumstances. 

Discover why it is not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. So, empower yourself with resilience tools and draw upon them as needed. 

You are resilient. Think about what you have been through and risen from so far. 

This is a must-listen. Then check out Natalie’s books. Campfire for the Heart, and Campfire for a Woman’s Heart.

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