Discover how to shift from Imposter to a sense of confidence knowing you are worthy.

Do you ever feel you aren’t good enough?

What we call the Imposter Syndrome is very common but there are ways to overcome that feeling and build unquestionable belief in yourself. This episode of the We Are Women Podcast is a must-listen.

Marlene Cameron

Marlene has been coaching entrepreneurs and executives for the past 20 years. It has always intrigued her that smart and talented people can doubt their capabilities and fear they don’t belong in their roles.

She helps her clients realize their innate capacity for greater clarity and natural confidence as experts and leaders. With a clearer understanding of their true nature and knowing they were designed for success, their capacity for greater productivity happiness and well-being expands effortlessly.

Marlene believes that everyone possesses innate wisdom, well-being, and happiness even though those qualities can be covered up by insecure thinking and false assumptions about ourselves and others.

Despite her academic and business success, Marlene experienced intermittent self-doubt that undermined her confidence which she came to understand was the hallmark of Impostor Syndrome.

Or as it was first called, Imposter Phenomena.

In this episode, Marlene explains the Three Principles and how the illusion of your thoughts is creating your experience.

Discover why women are often conditioned to:

·        Worry what others think of them and how they look.

·        Put the needs of others before their own and feel overly responsible.

·        Get caught up in the web of pleasing, performing, proving, and perfecting.

Learn why you are not an imposter, but skilled and qualified and the best person for the job.

When you recognise you are fully equipped to succeed, you can trust yourself to know what to do, even if others don’t agree or approve. The capacity to influence and create impact comes from an individual’s poise, presence, and authenticity.

Intelligence, Kindness, attentiveness, common sense, and being of service to others are the most powerful qualities of leadership.

Discover why you aren’t an impostor; it’s your thoughts that are the true impostors. Remember, you are not synonymous with your thoughts; instead, you navigate the ever-changing experience of your thinking moment by moment. Your natural state of mind thrives on happiness, well-being, confidence, optimism, and an infinite ability to move through life with grace and ease.
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