A qualified interior and fashion designer, Iman Dakakni was born in the Syrian Arab Republic, moving to Australia with her daughter and husband from an arranged marriage in 2011. Making one of the bravest decisions you could face, and without support of family, friends or church, Iman moved interstate with her daughter. Although she had limited English, Imam knew she couldn’t allow her daughter to learn it was OK to accept living in an environment of abuse and fear.
In this podcast Iman shares how a belief that we all have a right to happiness encouraged her to take that empowering leap of faith. Believing she was chosen to make a difference in the world, she now works with other women who suffer from domestic violence in her new community.
Returning to her design roots, Iman has created a business that helps women create a home work environment that is pleasurable, practical and stylish. She shares tips you can apply.