Episode 32 – Small business coach and mentor, Patricia Laverty debunks the belief that you need a lot of money to start an on-line business.  She believes by using computer technology you can achieve wealth and freedom through your own business.

In this interview Patricia shares valuable advice how with a little help and guidance, you can steer you through the ‘unknowns’ of an on-line business.

Finding that the “Bricks and Mortar” business arena has a lot of pitfalls, Patricia explains why an online businesses are a better deal.  “And, as it costs very little to start one, you can run it on your own, you can do it in your time frame and you can create it to be what you want”.

Listen to this interview to find why online businesses can be leveraged and expanded easily and with little outlay.

Create Your Own Online Business Within 30 Days

Link: www.patricialaverty.com/webinar

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