Janeen Vosper – Speech Perfect & We Are Women Podcast Host

Janeen Vosper swaps seats with her talent and placed herself in the hot seat in this interview.

Janeen believes women are missing great opportunities to promote themselves by not having awesome speaking skills. Even when confident as a speaker, many women miss the mark because they never receive feedback and make adjustments.

In this interview Janeen will share information on how to plan a seminar or workshop and why it is vital to know the difference.  And why it is vital to consider the way your audience takes in information and most importantly, how to achieve the outcome you want because you focus Making a Point.

Plus…for novice speakers, Janeen provides advice to overcome nervous tells, distracting movements and repetitive vocal expressions.

As well as a speakers coach, Janeen has over 20 years’ experience coaching business owners and solopreneurs in authentic selling techniques achieving outstanding results by assisting in crafting the right message.

Having presented workshops on topics of her expertise in many countries around the world, Janeen won the title of Australian Champion going on to represent her country at the POWERtalk International speaking contest in Hawaii in 2013.

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