You definitely wouldn’t class Linda Diane Wattley as a survivor. She is a Thriver. Having experienced domestic violence observed as a child, sexual, mental, emotional and physical abuse, Linda understands the depth this damage can caused and has learned how to move beyond the scars. Her life’s purpose came to light when she was finally diagnosed with PTSD,

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder in her 40’s. A disorder she believes many others may suffer but have not been diagnosed. Linda is a gifted advocate for overcoming victimization. As an author, she is a source of self-help, encouraging and healing.

This interview is a must listen for anyone who wants to understand how to shift focus to overcome mental health issues and take reign over their daily reality. Linda is a living ambassador, guiding others through the PTSD journey through here books, most recent; “PTSD to Freedom – No More War Within,” her online television show, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE by TLBTV and speaking engagements.

Linda writes, speaks and encourages others to speak their truths because she knows each one of us is a vessel for healing. Uplifting others based on what we are already equipped with; be it our experiences, research, gifts and talents, Linda explains why we are here for those who need what we carry within.

An inspiration by living her truth, Linda firmly believes the truth will set you free if you let it.

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