Melissa Meagher – Talking Money

Melissa Meagher from Talking Money has over 20 years’ experience in the financial services industry, working predominantly as a financial planner, a stockbroker and seminar delivery specialist.

In this episode Melissa encourages women to improve their personal relationship, their story, with money.  She explains why although managing the tangible aspects of their business and finances is vital to success, it is usually the money story that produces the blocks that holds many women back from the success they desire.

Working with clients, Melissa has found many women unfortunately live in victim mode where the focus produces a mindset of scarcity and lack, creating a sense of dis-empowerment and belief they have little of value to offer.

Melissa wants every woman to understand their money story, transform obstructing beliefs and use their story to motivate to take action

Discover why it is OK to not be OK about your money. 

Contact Melissa:  +61 417 614 854

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