Chantal Gerardy

Owner of a successful health and fitness business on the Gold Coast, Chantal Gerardy is a busy business owner, entrepreneur, speaker, mentor, coach, motivator, writer and mum.
Due to Marriage, having kids and moving suburbs and countries, she had to start and stop her business repeatedly. Each time with no clients, a new Target Market and with no marketing budget.

Now Chantal assists professionals save time and money by strategically utilising FREE Facebook to elevate their brand.
In this interview, Chantal explains how just spending just 20 minutes a day of strategic marketing, by outsmarting Facebook algorithms and boosting your business.

She explains why you, the business owner if the best person for the job because you understand your clients best and have content at your fingertips

This is a must listen for every person who has ever paid for an Ad or boosted a post on Facebook.

Book a meeting with Chantal by visiting or visit her website and down load her free e:Book 21 Content ideas to Outsmart the Algorithm’