Corrina Lindby

Having provided safety advice to business for seven years, Corrina Lindby sees risks everywhere. Whether a sole trader, start-up, a small or large business, Work Health & Safety issues should important to all.

Were you aware that every business MUST complete a Hazard and Risk Assessment and document?  Yes, even if it is a home business.

In this interview Corrina explains why you need to treat your home like a work environment then consider and document every task and then consider whether a hazard is foreseeable.

Are you prepared for fire or injury?

Do you have an extinguisher and fire blanket?  And know how to use them?

Do you have an up to date first aid kit in your home and vehicle?  And know how to use it?

Discover why there is a lot to consider when you do due diligence and assesses your work environment.  And it is legislated.

Corrina reminds us that “Precautions are better than consequences.”

To contact Corrina you can visit her website or email or phone her personally on 07 31804422 if you would like to have a chat about your business WHS.

Mention this interview as Corrine is offering a complimentary fire audit of your business.