Tanya Sava

Tanya Savva is Wellness Coach, author and speaker who is passionate about empowering mothers to reconnect with the essence of their true self, free of self-limiting beliefs and perceived barriers, so they can live a life full of abundance and joy.

She is a single mother to her daughter, Mackenzie who is blind, autistic and developmentally delayed. Previously an occupational therapist, Tanya took a 6-month caravanning road trip with her daughter to redefine who she is and reconnect with her passions.

Tanya runs weekend retreats for special-needs mothers that focus on mindfulness, self-care and living your best life and has just published her first children’s book, The Adventures of Kenzie-Moo – A story about adversity, diversity, and choosing to see the wonder in life, even when you don’t have any vision.

Tanya explains why we all have the potential to create a beautiful life no matter the challenges presented when we eliminate the things that aren’t aligned with your passions a state of inner wellness and joy.

Working with mothers of special needs children, Tanya explains how to reconnect with who you were before the reality of having a child with additional needs to achieve soul fulfilment and joy whilst allowing life to flow around you.

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To buy a limited signed hardcover edition of Tanya’s children’s book, that comes with an audio version narrated by her daughter, visit www.tanyasavva.com


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