Sigrid de Kaste

3x #1 Best Selling Author Sigrid de Kaste, is the Founder and Director of Stickybeak Marketing.  Having formally studied marketing, she has direct experience of starting, building, and selling businesses; and has a comprehensive knowledge of the different types of marketing required for each stage.

In building her own businesses, Sigrid discovered the Power of Authorship and the way it creates high profit and competition-free positioning.

She has developed a successful formula: Build a Book with Built-in Marketing that Builds your Business which she speaks about in this conversation.

Sigrid shares why authorship is a top marketing and instant credibility tool.

She also explains in-depth, how to avoid the common mistakes many women make when they jump into business without preparation or research thus, mismatching what their target audience likes and what is the best form of marketing to that audience.

Learn why it won’t just happen without ever creating a strategy and plan.

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