Alley Jean

Alley Jean is a Brand Identity Architect, Web Designer, Online Business Strategist, Online Visibility Mentor and Artist who helps female entrepreneurs and small business owners to transform their dreams into a thriving business system, through their brand and individual message.

Alley excels in visual storytelling, fun global visibility strategies, purposeful branding, website creation, and online social media marketing.

Having shifted from what she was expected to do to what she loved to do, Ally started Red Unicorn Media to provide women with a boutique experience that would give them a high-end brand identity experience that lifts up their dreams and confidence in a fun and creative way.

This interview isn’t just about marketing, Ally speaks openly about the curveballs life has thrown her way and the journey to become successful in her own right.

Discover why it is important you don’t wait for life to be perfect or you will never get to where you are going. And how to be okay growing in front of the world.

Visit to learn more about Alley Jean. Book a call with her and enjoy a free consultation.

She will listen to clarify and identify your vision to take it to the centre stage. An artist at heart, Alley will assist you with logo design, colour palettes, and book cover art using traditional art studio process and then modernizes it with trendsetting techniques to ensure your individuality is revealed.

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