Specializing in clearing ‘head trash’, author and international speaker, Sue Lester is Australia’s leading expert in optimizing unconscious blueprints™.  In this episode, she shares her insights on how women can successfully reject the imposter syndrome, put the ‘I’ back into their L_VES and reignite their sense of purpose and zest for life’s challenges.

If you are struggling to find your Superwoman costume as you battle with ‘The Bitch’ in your head, or you are incredibly busy trying to follow all the expert advice and so stretched you feel like you’re about to snap, this episode is a must listen. Listen to learn why our multiple ‘brains’ – head, heart, gut need to be integrated to make compassionate, creative, truly wise decisions and have the gutsy courage to follow through.

In addition, Sue explains why it is possible to have your “Goldilocks” body (just right for you) without ever having to use pills, shakes, strict diets or weird foods, using mBraining Innergetics – reconnecting to your own gut wisdom and reprogramming your childhood beliefs and habits around food and eating.

Personally, autographed copies of her books are available from www.SueLester.com. Books also available in online bookstores and Kindle.

You can accessed De-stress Your Mind Tips, 1-2 min powerful video series, available free from www.suelester.com

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