Hayley Lingard is a Social Worker of 15 years and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. In her business Kite Consulting, Hayley offers professional supervision, counselling and training predominately in the areas of child protection, organisational management and culture.  Through her Love Thy Temple business, she provides health coaching, as well as hosting free health presentations across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, educating people about how chronic illness and disease occurs in the body, and how many of these issues can be reversed. Having lost her sister to cancer, Hayley is passionate about sharing this health awareness.

In this episode, Haley explains why ensuring the body has a balanced Ph; high alkaline and low acid; is vital to maintaining good health.

You will discover why sugar makes you fat and why when you eat everything from a box…it will put you in a box.

Hayley’s passion is evident as her interest in health stems from both her social work values of helping people and the community as well as her long involvement in sport and physical activity.

You can reach Hayley by emailing info@lovethytemple.com or calling 0405 313 485







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