Angie Hammond

Angie Hammond is the owner of Garnish Marketing. A marketing company that specialises in marketing for the grittier end of the market.

Author of “Unpacking”, a sarcastic review all about the lessons she has learnt throughout her life. Marketing will always be part of her path, but she feels that her soul purpose is to help people to find their reason for running their business, then helping them to manage them efficiently with that reason in mind.

Having unpacked herself, she now offers valuable advice to how to unpack yourself, so you can repack and live a lighter, more fulfilling life with a business you love running.

As one of the youngest mentors on a government panel of mentors, Angie shares how she overcame the gender and age bias as a young, smart woman in business.

Listen as Angie explains how to discover your passion and not be afraid to start something on your own and evolve as you go.

Angie speaks about how to stay true to yourself and not to worry about anyone else’s opinion as you learn to value your knowledge and then charge accordingly

Angie provides marketing and mentoring services for people in business.

Contact Angie Hammond – Garnish Marketing 1300 55 33 21 or

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