As a former learning and development manager of a blue-chip international mining giant, and now a multi-award winning life coach, author of The Wise Advocate (the inner voice of strategic leadership), a two-time cancer survivor, and singer mother, Josie Thomson has been a force of transformation in the lives of many.

What holds the threads of Josie’s work altogether is a commitment to personal transformation. Her work is to help others “transcend limitations, transform wounds into love, power, forgiveness, and gratitude.”

In this interview, Josie shares valuable advice on why we may not be able to change what’s happening around us or to us, and how we can take control of how we respond!

Josie is a big believer in miracles can happen, having witnessed them and experienced them herself after returning ‘to life’ after flat-lining twice.

You will learn how to say “Yes I can” when times are tough by looking through the windscreen and not the rear-view mirror.

A powerful interview that will motivate and inspire.

Her ‘The Wise Advocate – The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership’ is available from this link.

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