Are you guilty of turning the spotlight inside too much and always hard on yourself?

Or maybe you find yourself juggling many roles and responsibilities and have little time for yourself?

Mandy Napier is a Global Mindset and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker, and Educator. Known as the ‘Mindset Alchemist’ specialising in transformational change, Mandy works with high achieving professionals who desire to reach greater levels of satisfaction professionally and personally.

Having represented Australia several times in triathlons, including competing in the gruelling Hawaiian Ironman, Mandy received the ultimate lesson as her world crumbled overnight, due to mysterious muscular-skeletal problems.

On her road to recovery, Mandy studied and delved deeper into the cause of our hidden drivers and patterns that determine our actions, influence our health, and shape our lives.  She shares her insights in this podcast.

While healing and returning to exercise, it was the cutting edge tools and techniques she reveals on this podcast that made a significant impact in all areas of her life; health, relationships, finances, career and even where she lived.

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